Introducing Fastest Alerts (FA) Token

Fastest alerts is a utility token with a mission to provide powerful tools to stay ahead of competition.

  • Join the Presale and become a Founder. Only Founders will get access to the BUY / SELL bot 🤖 with lifetime access.
  • Hold FA and enjoy access to a set of tools that will set you apart from 99% of traders.
  • Fastest Alerts (FA) token is the only token that trades with the alerts of our channels. All the profits from these trades will be used to purchase back Fastest Alerts (FA) token 🔥

Alerts 🔴

Free channel

Binance Smart Chain fastest alerts

The only TOOL🔨 alerting what tokens are listing minutes before they're listed or added to “recently added” section. This information is privileged and exclusive, you won’t find any fastest alert, the competition is minutes behind.

Beta Test

Ethereum fastest alerts

Get ready for ETH 2.0 with our fastest alerts in the Ethereum network. If you like BSC alerts , you will love ETH 2.0 alert when fees are low and low trading fees will be a reality.

This new channel will only be available for token holders of 15,000 FA (Fastest Alerts) tokens

Coming this December

Trading fastest alerts

For long and big trades we are creating a trading alerts channels that will make long calls on major cryptos, with clear exit and take profit instructions. So you can take the full potential of your portfolio.

This new channel will only be available for token holders of 15,000 FA (Fastest Alerts) token

Join Trading Alerts Group

(available this December)

Coming this December

Shitcoins launch calendar

A curated every day list of coins launching today with risk indicators, so you don’t lose any ICO.

This new channel will only be available for token holders of 15,000 FA (Fastest Alerts) tokens

Join Shitcoins Calendar Group

(available this December)

Coming Soon

New Features and Content

From new alerts from Avalanx, Solana, Fantom to creating Comprehensive, educational content for BSC. Trading lessons, how to avoid honeypots, trading bot strategies, …. .

We will partner with the best providers to bring you high quality alerts and content.


Auto buy / sell bot 🤖

We have been working on one of the best bots to buy and sell 💩 coins in the BSC network.

Buy features:

  • Built-in honeypot checker before buy.
  • Set buy rules for Liquidity and Slippage.
  • Avoid frontrun / sandwich bots tech.

Sell features:

  • Set sell rules for liquidity and slippage.
  • Avoid frontrun sellers.
  • Retry sell if tx failed.

This bot will be only available for FOUNDER holders (presale participants) and if you missed presale you will need to hold 15,000 FA tokens.

This bot also will be able to buy any coin announced in any of our channels instantly, although this feature is very exclusive and will be only available for the top 50 holders of FA token.

If you are a founder (Private or Public presale 0.1 or 5 BNB) , you will have access to our alert channels and our BOT, so you can manually enter to our signal channel and copy the contract (or any contract your like) to the Bot. The bot will automatically BUY and SELL with the rules you set in the dashboard (LP limits, buy and sell fee limits, …).
For the TOP 50 Holders of FA token, it will automatically copy the signals of our groups and buy it as fast as possible. (Top holders will be calculated weekly)
If you missed the PreSale (When we are Live in Pancakeswap), and you want to have access to the SniperBot and Fastest Alerts Signals Groups (ETH fastest alerts, and more benefits that we will announce in the next weeks), you need to BUY and HOLD at least 15,000 FA Tokens!


Public Presale Info

Public presale will be hosted on PinkSale to bring security and provide Liquidity Locked for 6 months


Dec 10, 2021 (17:00 UTC)


Dec 15, 2021 (17:00 UTC)

Soft / Hard Cap for Presale

600 / 1200 BNB

Minimum / Maximum Buy in Presale

0.1 / 5 BNB

Tokens exchange rate

1 BNB = 16,500 FA (Presale)

After the presale the rate will be 1 BNB = 15,000 FA on Pancakeswap


60% of Public Presale will be LP locked for 6 months on PinkSale

Total Supply


Tokens for Presale (Public + Private)



Dec 10, 2021 (17:00 UTC)

Initial Token Distribution

Marketing Wallet

Used to promote the token for the launch on Pancakeswap

Infrastructure Wallet

Used to poser all the bots, servers, and informers we have to get the fastest alerts.

Scam Protection Wallet

In the case our channel publish a scam coin posted, all the token holders of FA, that purchased the scam token will get reimbursed a proportional part using the protection wallet.

Token Tax

After the Presale the Tax allocation will be split it in equal parts to Project wallet, Marketing wallet and Scam Protection wallet and Burn Address 🔥.

Buy 2% Tax / Slippage
Sell 8% Tax / Slippage

Token Contract will be deployed and validated before public presale, so you can audit code. There will be no blacklist, no pause function, no mint, nothing that will make this token unfair.

Private Presale

This is for the lucky ones that got into the Whitelist or Waiting list. Private Presale holders will recieve the token via airdrop.


August 17th

Fastest alerts was born

10 October

Fastest Alerts was born

November 1st

10K users reached
Survey sent to check community.

November 15th

852 users reported making lots of gains from our calls (answers via survey).
2176 users reported they want us to create a token.

December 1st

50k users reached.
Creation of FA token.

December 15h

Launch FA token

December 17 - 22

Apply on CMC and CG

Q1 2022

Launch auto buy/sell bot BETA.
Launch Avalanx, Solana or Fantom Alerts.
Launch dashboard to gain access to all benefits

Q2 2022

Shitcoin AI trading Bot (Trades automatically top 100 shitcoins to early passive income. High risk / high reward)


Frequently Asked Questions

Public Presale will start December 10th, 17:00 UTC on PinkSale so everything is transparent for participants. Liquidity will be 60% of public presale and locked for 6 months. We will spend the marketing budget only on trusted channels that work. Not on random shill channels.

December 15th, 18:00 UTC

Contact Fastest Alerts

Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.